Fit Guide

At Fuhler bra, we are dedicated to offer you services that can solve all your bra problems.

Finding the right bra size is the first step, you can use our size guide to find the right bra size. Although the best way to get your true fit is to be fitted by a bra specialist at least once a year; however, you could measure yourself at home with the help of your spouse, or another adult.

This guide will give you a close approximation of what your size should be and kindly note we use UK bra sizing.

Please note that each manufacturer uses a different sizing formula, but for our bra here at Fuhler Bra, these sizing guides are accurate.

Kindly note, all measurement should be done with a non padded bra.

  • Measure your rib cage. (Lift your breast up and measure)
  • Measure the fullest part of your breast.