Bra Problem Guides


There are three different sections of a bra that could cause problems.

  • Band

  • Cup

  • Strap


Problem 1: If your bra rides up in the back.
Cause: It means your band size is too big.
Way out: You need to go down a band size and up a cup size to sustain your volume.

Problem 2: If your bra hurts your back.
Cause : The Bra is small and it’s too tight.
Way out: You need to go up a size and down a cup alternatively you can try a bra extender.

Problem 3: If you have extra fat around your bra band.
This could be natural, as we age, the skin might become soft
Way out:
Purchase a bra with wide strap and wear a shape wear.


Problem 1: If your straps are falling off your shoulder.
Cause: The bra is old and the elasticity has stretched out, or it is not the right bra style for you.
Way out: Purchase new bras and get another style of bra. For petite woman or women with sloped shoulder should buy a racer back or convertible bra will solve the problem.

Problem 2: If your bra straps dig into your shoulder.
Cause: Your bra straps are doing too much work. Your strap should carry 20% whilst your back 80%.
Way out: Go down a band size and up a cup size, and you may chose a wider strap bra or buy shoulder cushions.


Problem 1: Underwire pops out.
Cause: The cup size is either too small or too big; hot water shrinks the fabric sewn over under wires.
Way out: Try a smaller band size, and a larger cup. NEVER wash your lingerie in hot water.

Problem 2: Underwire is uncomfortable and painful.
Cause: The cup is too small and it applies pressure to the breast tissues.
Way out: Go up a cup size or try a different style of bra. A fuller cup is recommended.

Problem 3: Breast is bulging out from above or below the bra.
Cause: The cup size is too small or style too low for your breast.
Way out: Go up a cup size and choose a bra style that has more fabric for example choose a full style bra.

Problem 4: One cups fits fine- other bulges
Cause: One breast is larger than the other. (Very common)
Way out: Adjust the straps differently so that the strap of the larger breast is looser than the smaller breast. When difference is very obvious, purchase breast enhancers and put at the bottom of the cup of lower breast, or go for padded bra.

Problem 5: Want larger breast
Way out: Buy molded or push up bra. They usually come padded. Or you can use breast enhancers

Problem 6: Want smaller breast
Way out: A minimiser bra would redistribute your tissues and make them look smaller.

Problem 7:  Breast is sagging or has stretch marks
Cause: This could be a natural part of the aging process, or you have not been getting the right support, thus the breast stretches.
Way out:  A great fitting bra will give you support to elevate your breast, making you look vibrant and straightens your posture regardless of your age. The stretch marks will not disappear, but it will reduce or eliminate appearances of new stretch marks